Centre Competition Rules

  1. Children turning five between 1 October and 31 December 2018 and under the age of 16 on 31 December 2018 are eligible to compete. From 1 January 2019, a child must have turned five before being able to register.

  2. No child may compete unless registered and wearing correct Centre uniform (registration label and T-shirt, singlet or crop-top).Suitable footwear must be worn at all times.

  3. If a program is not completed on the scheduled day, points are awarded only for events completed.Rescheduling events not completed will be at the discretion of the Centre Executive.

  4. Spikes may be worn by U11 to U16 athletes for all events that are run entirely in lanes (400m or less), all jump events and javelin only. Spikes may be worn by U13 to U16 athletes in all track events except Race Walks.Spikes must only be worn within the competition arena. Spikes must not exceed 7mm in length.

  5. No event may commence or continue unless officials are present.

  6. Coaching is not permitted during Centre Championships or selected special Centre events.

  7. Runners can have different places in a race but can have the same time. Times taken are by 100ths of a second at Centre competition.The finish line is crossed when the athlete’s torso (neck to hips) crosses the finish line.Arms, legs and head do not count.

  8. Runners must stay in their lanes during laned events.Any jostling or obstructing another athlete may be liable to disqualification.Pacing by non-competitors is not permitted in running events.

  9. The Starter has entire control of the athletes on their marks, and is the sole judge of any fact connected with the start of a race.The words the Starter uses to start races up to and including 400 metres are, "On your marks", "Set" and when all athletes are steady, the starting gun is fired. "Set" is not used for individual races longer than 400 metres.

  10. Athletes may attempt the high jump up to any five (5) heights chosen at their discretion.Only three (3) attempts at jumping the bar at a given height are allowed. Two (2) baulks will be recorded as an unsuccessful attempt. U8 to U10s are restricted to using the Scissor technique only for high jump competition.

  11. A one (1) metre x 0.5 metre take off mat will be used in long and triple jump events for all children in the U6 to U11 aged groups and the twenty centimetre (0.2 metre) x 1.22 metre board, mat or equivalent marked area will be used for the U12 to U16 age groups.Measurement of each jump will be taken from the imprint of any part of the athlete's body which is nearest to the take-off point.If the athlete takes off before reaching the mat, the take-off point is taken as the edge of the mat furthest from the pit, except in the U11 to U16 age groups where the measurement will be made from the front of the take-off board, mat or equivalent marked area (nearest the pit).

  12. Shotput or discus throws are not completed or measured until the competitor leaves the ring.The competitors must leave the ring from the rear half of the throwing circle.To be a valid throw, the shot must commence close to the chin and the hand must not drop below this position, or behind the line of the shoulders.The shot put and discus must always be carried back to the ring, never thrown.

  13. Moorabbin Centre records are only recognised at our own Centre (excluding Open Days) or at Regional, State, or Australian Teams Championships run by Little Athletics.No record will apply unless a member of the Committee Executive checks the time or measurement.

  14. Athletes competing in special Moorabbin Centre competition days, events at other Centres, or Regional and State Championships must abide by the rules of those competitions.

  15. Blocks can be used for the U11 and above age groups for and including all events up to 400 metres.

Safety First Rules

  • Do not leave children UNATTENDED in the Centre.  If you cannot be present on the day, arrange for another parent to look after your child. 

  • Children are not allowed to use field event venues or handle equipment unless supervised by an adult.

  • Children are not allowed to retrieve throwing implements from the sectors.These must be retrieved and bought back - NEVER THROWN - by an adult.

  • Never walk across the shotput area, discus area or through the jumps run-ups when competition is under way.ALWAYS WALK AROUND.

  • Equipment sheds are out of bounds to children.

  • Children are expected to remain within the ground during competition.They can only use the playground outside under the supervision of their parent/guardian.

  • Children should wear sun hats and sunscreen/cream and drink plenty of water during outdoor activities.SUNSCREEN IS AVAILABLE FOR FREE FROM THE PUMP IN THE CLUBROOMS.

  • Children and adults must not ride or travel on the equipment trailers.

  • Only cross the track at the designated crossing points i.e., behind the 100m start and behind the finishing gates.Never cross the track once a race has commenced.

  • Do not stand too close to the starter when a race is being started.

  • Please ensure the Centre Executive, Coaching Coordinator, Age Group Leaders and Registrar is aware of any special health issues.