President's Message - Season 2019/20

A very warm hello and welcome from MLAC to all our new, as well as our returning, families for this exciting 2019/20 season!

We are entering into our second season on our beautiful new track and with serious plans in place for an entire new pavilion.  It would seem the sky is the limit for MLAC in the coming few years.

Here at MLAC, we encourage plenty of healthy and supportive parent / carer involvement to help us facilitate our competition nights which are held on Fridays.  Your children get a real buzz out of you being out there and being involved with them in their activities. The result is a great experience for Parents, Guardians, Carers and children alike.

We also actively encourage all children to attempt all disciplines regardless of their abilities as we strongly promote the ethos of ‘Be Your Best’. Children are running against a clock and jumping and throwing against a tape measure.  It's about personal growth, not ‘who’s the fastest’, so to speak.

Our regional events, especially the relays, are a great way to be able to compete within a team . They are fantastic days and I ask all the families to genuinely consider these events. 

Finally it gives me great pleasure to announce that during the off season we have made massive inroads into trying to put together a workable template / timetable for access to our new coaches. Watch this space and more about this later. Keep your eyes on the MLAC website, Team App and FB for more information as it comes to hand.

Most importantly, please feel free to approach myself or any other Committee person at anytime should you have the slightest question or are unsure of anything.

I look forward to seeing you all and hope you all have a very enjoyable and successful year with us at Moorabbin Little Athletics.

Kind regards

Andrew Robinson

President - MLAC


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President's Message - Season 2018/19

Welcome back to G. R. Bricker Reserve for 2018/2019 and to our brand new super track!

Before going on too much I would like to thank the Sandringham Athletics Club for their kind support over the years but especially last year. The use of their facility enabled us to continue in a proper season of competition whilst our track was being constructed.

I would also like to again thank the City of Kingston and the Government of Victoria for funding our brand new track.  

This year is going to be a great one. Welcome to all the new families and athletes and welcome back to those who are returning.

I am pleased to say that the club has never been in better shape.  We have a vibrant new look

Committee with some of the regulars still here lending their experience and enthusiasm as always.

New track, new equipment and a new season, I wish everyone all the best for an exciting year ahead. We will work to make sure our numbers of entries at all regional events is at its maximum.

The competition nights are only a part of our season.  Regional Relays, the Multi’s and Regional Track & Field events are fantastic and a great experience for our kids to strive to ‘Be Their Best’.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or any other Committee member should you have any sort of enquiry.

Most of all I ask that you be involved…you will enjoy it and so will your children.

Good Luck to all


Kind Regards

Andrew Robinson

President MLAC

President's Message - Season 2017/18

Welcome back to MLAC for our 2017/18 season.

I look forward to seeing all of our athletes out there striving to ‘be their best’ again this season.

To families that are new to our centre, I hope that you find MLAC a fun and friendly place to spend your Friday nights for the next five months.

To those families returning from last season, thank you for your continued support of our Centre and I trust that you will enjoy the year as much as you did last year.

As some of you would be aware, two years ago the Victorian State Government and Kingston City Council confirmed the joint funding of a newer, more modern athletics track at our venue.  While we had hoped that this would be completed prior to the commencement of this season, works are still in progress and are not expected to be completed until November at the earliest.

While disappointing, in an effort to ensure that the start to the season for our athletes is not delayed, the MLAC Committee has confirmed that Sandringham Athletics Club (SAC) and are willing to allow us the use of their venue at Glamis Avenue, Hampton on Friday nights, until such time that our track is available for use.  On behalf of the Committee, thank you to SAC for their ‘Community’ spirit and I trust that our athletes will treat their facility with the same respect that they treat ours. 

As the President does every year, I remind you that MLAC is not a ‘child minding service’ or a ‘drop off centre’ for your child. A parent or carer must be present during competition. If another family is looking after your child for the night, please ensure that a member of the committee (preferably me) is notified, in advance, so that we are aware as to who has responsibility for your child.

While we have many dedicated parents that assist as Age Group Leaders, they cannot do it on their own.  Competitions simply cannot run without the assistance of parents who are willing to hold a measuring tape, rake a sandpit or record a result.  No athletic ability and/or experience is necessary, so please help out where you can. 

Apart from the enjoyment you will get out of seeing the efforts of all of the athletes, I’m sure that your child will be very proud that their mum or dad is there to support & encourage them, so leave the phone in the car and get involved.

Each year we try and assist those families that may not have a lot of confidence in their own athletics abilities/knowledge, by running a training session for parents. The training session teaches the basics of measuring and recording and the correct technique for each event, with a view to ensuring that all age groups have adequate support each competition night and that parents can help their kids, if they wish to practice in their own time. 

Please keep an eye on your e-mails, our website and/or our Facebook page for details of when this clinic will be conducted.  I cannot emphasize how beneficial this session will be and trust that it will be well supported.  (Note: It is likely that this won’t occur until we are back on our own track, however, Committee members will be available to give some pointers on competition nights, if required in the interim).

In relation to competition nights, please be mindful to encourage your child to participate in ALL events, regardless of their ability.  We always reinforce the message that your children run against their own personal clock and jump and throw against their own personal tape measures. Little Athletics is about being your best, hence the reason that we place a greater emphasis on ‘Personal Bests’ (PBs) rather than where a child placed against the other competitors.

Finally, this Centre has built quite a reputation at both Regional and State events, over the past 5-6 years.  For those parents of u9-u15 athletes, I would encourage you to give these events a go.  Regardless of results, the opportunity to compete against other Centres from around the State gives the child/athlete the chance to make new friends and get a taste for healthy, structured competition at a higher level.  These events are well run and are an extremely rewarding experience for both the athletes and their families.

Good luck to all our athletes as we look forward to another fantastic season of MLAC competition, and especially look forward to the completion of our brand new track.


Chris Sharp

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